During the Chinese New Year holiday, I think it was January 29th, I had a feeling of nausea after a walk after I had finished lunch and when I got home, as I probably had some fever, I got into bed and decided that I was not going to eat anything or take any medicine until I felt good; I was just going to drink my own urine. After four or five hours I woke up perfectly.

I live in Mianyang, Sichuan province, and those were the days when the so-called epidemic started to gain momentum and and there was hardly any talk of anything else, but I am not a hypochondriac and the risk seemed minimal to me. Fasting and drinking my urine is something I do whenever I have symptoms of flu or a simple cold, and it usually stops within a day, sometimes just within 12 hours. John W. Armstrong said so in his popular book «The Water of Life», and it has always worked for me.

The truth is that I have no idea if it could be the coronavirus or anything else, but I don’t usually stay in bed because of a cold, flu or gastroenteritis. A lot of people who have the virus remain asymptomatic, or with very mild symptoms that go away on their own.

But what is true is that stopping eating and drinking the urine is very effective against the common flu, for what I know much more practical than any known medicine. What medicine cuts totally a flu in 12 or at most 24 hours?

I know these things seem pure quackery to many, but I don’t care. It is enough with just one person this can help.

There must be people for everything in this world, and of course I respect the selfless work of doctors and all the health personnel. One of the reasons for overstating the scope of the epidemic is to prevent our health systems from being completely inundated. Collective matters does not work as the individual ones, but they begin and end with the individual.

The truth is that for now this coronavirus is very similar in its effects to the previous known flu viruses; it may have some higher mortality but it is not very different, and this is generally admitted by researchers and specialists.

My opinion regarding viral and microorganisms-motivated diseases is the same of Armstrong and many other renowned naturopaths: the so-called vector of infection is much less important than the condition of our internal environment. Viruses and bacteria are everywhere in large numbers, starting with our own organism. The main difference is which conditions make them proliferate —make them, as we usually say, virulent.

This should also be taken into account so as not to spend all day looking for scapegoats. The very word «infection» is highly infectious.

Armstrong said that much of our colds and flus were due to excess waste accumulated in the body by our diet, mainly due to our high overdose of starch and protein. Stopping eating and drinking urine suddenly reverses this tendency and greatly helps the body to eliminate this excess.

But it is clear that in half a day or a day we can only remove a small part of the accumulated debris. Why then are the symptoms cut off so quickly? First of all, it seems that the urine provokes a very fast positive immune response, decisively boosting body’s defenses.

Secondly, I have always been surprised at how quickly you notice the increase in breathing capacity after a few hours of drinking the urine without eating. The feeling is that the lungs are expanding in the rib cage in a free and wonderful way. No doubt this has to be related to the immediate improvement in the elimination of mucus and waste in all the lung tissue and not only in the bronchi.

It is entirely logical that the cleanup is much more immediate in the spongier tissue than in the rest of the body: the density of the lungs is by far the lowest in relation to the fluid that circulates through them. This is why the improvement in respiratory function is so rapid that it even suggests a mechanical cause. And indeed, there is an elementary biomechanical cause.

Let’s take a brief look at the clinical signs and evolution caused by the new coronavirus. From the first symptoms, mainly fever, to the severe acute respiratory syndrome, it takes about 8 days on average. From the point of view of the speed of the body’s reaction to the urine fast, this is a very long time, which should already give us a fair bit of tranquility.

It is a long way from the first symptoms of dyspnea to acute respiratory distress, which can lead to heart damage and cardiac arrest. There are two main keys to the worsening of symptoms: depressed immune response and the impaired ability to remove waste products that quickly build up in the lung tissue. In both cases the effect of a urine fast is very rapid and absolutely positive.

Armstrong notes that fasting with urine has much quicker effects on flu than normal fasting with water alone. This is my experience too, which must be due to these two points, the positive immune reaction and the boosted elimination.

Honestly, and although everyone is free to think what he wants, to consider urine dirty is to turn things upside down. It is a blood serum filtered by the kidneys, and in a few hours without eating it becomes clean and transparent. Leaving aside urine infection, in which case drinking is totally contraindicated, the only thing that makes our urine unreliable is precisely the byproducts of the heap of dirty things we ingest, including highly toxic medications, not the urine itself, which is quite similar to the amniotic fluid.

In 2016, Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his studies of autophagy and the therapeutic effects of fasting. Hopefully, the plain evidence that fasting with urine quickly strengthens our immune response and dramatically facilitates elimination, especially in hollow or spongy organs such as the lungs, will soon be properly analysed.


John W. Armstrong, The water of life. A treatise on urine therapy.

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