A different point of view

For once we are going to look for an extra-human and extra-social reference for some issues of our species, namely the so-called «Jewish question» and its relationship with other peoples, and in particular with the great empires. Appealing to a metahistorical element does not mean, of course, that we can dispense with interpretations that will always be highly subjective and human. In any case, I find it more than convenient to take a different angle for this poisoned subject.

Ancient cosmographies were much less complex than the present ones with their vast array of knowledge, but also less reductive. The seven «climates» under which peoples lived throughout the geography also had different influences and were under different poles of spiritual ascendancy; those climates and poles could be represented, in addition, by the seven planets, without the need to be confused with them: «the angel moves the star», it was said to allude to the remote potencies.

At the end of 2020, right at the gates of the winter solstice, the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place, something which occurs every twenty years and follows a curious cyclical pattern across the four elements of the signs of the zodiac. These conjunctions have always been widely studied in world astrology as major reference points of what they now call «international affairs», and have also been associated, incidentally, with the great plagues and epidemics that recurrently arise. To take just one case, the famous plague of Athens of 430, 429 and 425 has been linked to the also famous conjunction of 424 B.C.E.

If we had to express in two words what the two giant planets Jupiter and Saturn —which account for most of the angular momentum of our solar system- mean, it would suffice to say that they represent the great archons of expansion and contraction, of space and time; a very elementary translation that nevertheless helps to understand many things.

The Jews, «the people of the Sabbath”, could only be associated with Saturn, and the truth is that this connection goes far beyond the choice of a day of the week as a period of special observance. Zionist pioneer Leo Pinsker was only echoing a commonplace when he said that the Jews were «the people chosen for universal hatred,» and of course Saturn is the most detested of planets, since it is also the representative of the «hateful old age,» and in general, of everything that deteriorates under the action of time and its scythe. It has also been the planet traditionally associated with downfall and misfortune.

Every empire, while it expands at least, is under the sign of Jupiter; and every power, when the limit of its expansive thrust has been reached, becomes definitively installed in time and involute under the sign of Saturn. These tendencies are as correlative as expansion and contraction; what is of special interest is that different peoples concur in the same imperial endeavor with different functions and tasks.

The descendants of Jacob lived halfway between the first two great civilizations and empires, Egypt and Babylon, and, if we judge by the Scriptures themselves, they soon managed to gain the favor of power, to the point of being given, as in the case of Joseph, freedom of command. The motif is repeated with the Persian empire that ended with Babylon, and then with the Christian project that digs the tomb of the Roman Empire and Antiquity.

The verisimilitude of many of these stories of what the Christians call «Old Testament» is more than doubtful, but the fact that the intrigues for the infiltration and the seizure of power are presented as exemplary stories for the chosen people already tells us enough. But this motif will be repeated in the Middle Ages with the Carolingian monarchs and with the Christian kingdoms in general, all the more so when these gave clearer signs of strength and expansion.

Since the Reformation, with the rise of the northern states, attention turned to the new Protestant creed and in particular to Calvinism and Puritanism, always so impatient to put an end to the bans on usury. Then, the great alliance of Anglo-Zionism was sealed in the times of Cromwell, which has been so successful to this day, and which has shown itself for more than three centuries as the main vector of world affairs. Since this long hegemony is going through a critical moment, and its end is in sight, it would be timely to make some kind of balance.

But as a historical balance never ends, we will try, if that is possible, to shift our perception to other spheres. Even today, the term «Anglo-Zionism» sounds extravagant for many, who are unaware that Zionism was a spawn of Puritanism long before it was adopted by the Jews themselves. Which brings us to the third category of our title, after the Jews and the Christians: the «Phoenicians», who are nothing but the alliance that the richest Jews and Christians have had at the top of power at the expense of the rest of the population, and in the name of free trade, wars, tax extraction and usury or credit; since things so diverse in appearance have too often proved to be under the sign of Mars.

Of course, Mercury being the god of commerce and thieves, one would think that the modern banking system and its way of creating and distributing money, the mother of all frauds, would have to be under the sway of its corresponding planet. But Mercury, being so close to the Sun, makes little difference in the events we call «historical»; its scope is too quotidian, as quotidian is the role of rigging and plunder in the affairs of money, the stock exchange and the global casino.

But to expand markets on a grand scale, looting at its greatest, raise taxes, and skyrocket public debt requires the warmonger impulse of Mars, and if wars do not break out, let them at least look like a credible threat. If fraudulent money is our daily bread, so ordinary that we are already desensitized, war is the great fraud for the critical moments, where there is no choice for those who have already been well squeezed but to pay with their lives, their liberties and their hardships.

It has been a long time since major wars have been fought in the West without the blessing of the banks and the money masters, so to look for other causes is not only idle but blatant distraction. If this has the status of certainty for the last two or three centuries, all the more reason for it to be linked to future movements, now that the economic and monetary war is reaching new scopes.

For example, if with the new digital currencies China, Russia and other countries can circumvent the economic sanctions, apparently the only diplomacy left to the empire, we can expect an intensification of cyberwarfare and cyber-attacks not only on those countries but also within the imperial domains to sow panic and keep the sheeple in the desired monetary line. Even the Economic Forum and Israel’s highly trained Cyber Directorate are clearly announcing an imminent “Cyber Pandemic” as “the Next Global Crisis”.

Admittedly, calling the select imperial parasitic class «Phoenicians» is quite well chosen: they are neither «Jews» nor “Gentiles», but they are certainly much closer to Jerusalem than to Athens. It is not simply that half of the great fortunes are Jewish, it is that the other half, which has granted them all their privileges and is so often openly pro-Zionist, depends on their initiative. The relationship between deception and force remains that of master and disciple.

Why have the Jews been the initiators and instigators of the local powerful? Because in the West those who came to power by force lacked the talent to exploit their prey to the full; hence the kings left the treasury and tax collection in their hands. This, as far as the economic milking of the population is concerned. And as for politics, they trained them in the art of graduated management, since there is almost nothing that people do not get used to if it is done with the proper gradation —that is the true meaning of the expression «to take measures».

War is largely based on deception, all the more so for the weaker. According to their own scriptures, the Jews are called to lead all nations, but a much smaller people can only prevail by systematic deception, which in this case is not only permitted but practically sanctified, provided it serves the Mission. The rabbis gave the sense of mission to the lie, which in the ears of the powerful must sound like heavenly music. Hence the attraction of Zionism for an ilk that has no other aim in view than to maintain and enlarge their privileges. Naturally, the systematic use of deception presupposes that one is at war with those who are not of the tribe, a perspective also convenient for the Gentile «elite».

I am just summarizing the reasons for this profound symbiosis, which for so long has been pointing to the consolidation of «a state within the state»; because I have no intentions to dig into the details of this abject and mostly unknowable domestic history. The dialogues of Goethe’s fatuous Faust and the solicitous Mephistopheles may give a certain literary tone to the question, but the reality must have been way more uglier.

Structure, Dynamics and Fate

In other articles we have spoken of the power law that x-ray the inverted pyramid of wealth, in which 1/5 of the population takes 4/5 of the wealth, and so on in a recursive fashion; we also noted that the fact that in this iterative process of accumulation, there is a 50/50 share between Jews and Gentiles, 2/5 for each half, it is a revealing «x-ray of the x-ray». Then, could it be pure coincidence that the ratio between the period of Saturn and Jupiter, just under 30 and 12 years, is almost exactly 2/5?

Well, perhaps the thing is less esoteric than it seems, if we remember that Saturn represents the continuous action of time —and compound interest— and Jupiter the cyclical phases of expansion, in this case of credit and business cycles. Since we took almost for granted that this extreme concentration, which leads some 3 families to have most of the surplus in purchasing power, had to be related to the structure of debt increased and distilled over many generations.

Credit to wage wars, and the intrigues to instigate them, not only made the usurers much richer but also left the levers of power in their hands. The democratic states were still much more vulnerable, since the creditors could always take over public assets, and this was the real driving force behind the determined promotion of democracy. In this last phase of dollar monetary ultra-imperialism the society as a whole became oversaturated with credit, to such an extent that only by selectively destroying and stripmining the economy new room can be made for excess capital. This is what is happening right now, for example.

Those who already have almost everything may not have much to gain, in absolute terms, but in relative terms they can still greatly increase the dependence and subjection of the masses. The fear of being overthrown sets in motion an implacable logic. Who cannot understand this? Didn’t they do much worse things in the last century? And has not their leverage of power increased greatly since then?

That well-known Forum, a mere front for those who do not want to show up, blatantly probes us: «in ten years you will own nothing… and you will be happy».


Impossible to come to terms with men. Yet we are doomed to come to terms with much more remote powers, which only by the literary grace of myth have we clothed with human traits. And we are doomed because such powers have already come to an agreement with us at birth.

The Jew is hated because Saturn is hated, not the other way around. So it is… at least to a good extent. However, we know nothing about Saturn, except some hateful manifestations, as if they had stolen something from its origin. The planets are only splinters of a fractured order, and in circling they do their best to indicate the principle from which they emanate.

Santayana said that Protestantism was anti-ascetic and so was Judaism. It is a keen observation; what he did not know is that Catholics would become much more anti-Ascetic than the Protestants and Jews he met. After all, many Jews faithfully observe the Sabbath, and fast at least one day a year; appreciating inactivity and fasting from time to time had to be unavoidable in the «natural religion» prior to Revelations and Laws. But who does so today among Christians, whether Protestant or Catholic?

We abhor the majestic fields of Saturn, we cannot bear even the exquisite boredom of a Sunday afternoon. And he who does not come to terms with Saturn, embodiment of Karma, will have to feed him as an unwanted intruder. The same is true of Shiva, a god so different in many ways. Denying death kills us daily, and it is others who take care of our destruction. One is supposed to take care of these things oneself.

Although I have not devoted time to these matters, sometimes I wonder if the the ritual of the scapegoat, sent into the wilderness and described in Leviticus has not been used in the most abusive way. Everything that has been considered sacred or impure and is used as pretext ends up having fatal consequences.

Postmodern lightness flees from Saturn with the results we observe. But what can we say about Jupiter today? Well, in the last four decades it has hardly been more than the expansion of credit, with the Fed as the driving force worldwide. In other words, Jupiter had already been absorbed by banking before delivering the new joviality.

Have the Jews taken advantage of the favorable moment in each imperial swing or have they been the instigators? For Wiesenthal it was no coincidence that Columbus set sail for America just when the expulsion decree expired, on August 3, 1492; but, naturally, he was not the first to notice it. Whether he came from Genoa, Pontevedra, Majorca or wherever, the only thing that can explain the many unknowns of such a dubious admiral is the very nature of his origin. Of course, Wiesenthal says what he wants, and does not tell us about the notorious Jewish aspect of Eichmann, who even spoke Hebrew and Yiddish.

And that happened after the supposed «cleansing of blood» of Spain and the colonies. A good part of the great criollos’ fortunes in Hispanic America, probably half of them, belong to families with abundant Jewish blood. What could have happened within the highly philo-Judaic Puritan environment, whether in England or in the United States? The East India Company and the City have been for long the headquarters of the Phoenician Navy, and even today it continues to be the main nest of thieves in the world. Hilary Belloc already noted that at the beginning of the 20th century there were in England more aristocrats with Hebraic lineages than without them; it was the only possible result of such a devoted admiration.

In all the imperial expansion of the West, the Christians have put force and the Jews, always ahead, foresight and intelligence. This would be a mere truism were it not for the vanity of the former and the justified caution of the later. But my intention here is not to settle accounts with anyone, since these issues have already been dealt with in depth by many authors, but to raise the question of what these two arcane powers of expansion and contraction would be like if we were to deal with them directly and without facilitators.


It is totally impossible to understand the dynamism of the West and modernity without understanding the duality inherent to expansive and conquering Christian peoples and Jewish communities with a vocation for exile and diaspora. For it is evident that the synagogue chose exile as a strategy of maximum growth as well as maximum control over its community. If there is a Jewish genius for organization, the distance with respect to all things and the psychology with respect to those who do not keep it, it derives entirely from having chosen these special circumstances, undoubtedly inspired by the Saturnian pole through which they related to the Principle.

Jewish leadership has tried to direct the excess of forces of younger peoples to its own benefit; but the relationship with those peoples has been basically from the top down. It is not these peoples who have welcomed those others who were looking for a living, but rather the upper echelons of power, to whom the rabbis have addressed themselves directly to propose advantageous deals —credit or promises to increase the treasury in exchange for privileges and concessions such as the collection of taxes. As Guyenot observes, it is generally false that the Jews have been allowed no other way of life than usury, and on the contrary they have often been granted privileges forbidden to the bulk of the population.

To spare us arguments, we can only refer the interested reader to the writings of Laurent Guyenot, Michael E. Jones, Israel Shamir, Simone Weil, Douglas Reed, Roger Dommergue, Robert Faurisson, Miles Mathis and many others. It is not necessary to share everything they say, far from it, to realize that they are much better informed than average so-called historians, and on the contrary: if people still swallows massively the bait of propaganda, it is because of their staggering ignorance of history and scriptures, as well as pure masochism and overt feeble-mindedness.

In the traditional iconography, the scorpion has been considered the symbol of the Synagogue and of the Jewish people in general, which is easy to understand as an allusion to the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, the nocturnal and aquatic domicile of the planet Mars. The fact that an igneous planet is in a water sign is directly associated with ferment, poison and venom as well as death. This results in the aforementioned association with Saturn and the deleterious powers; and undoubtedly the Jehovah described in the scriptures more than jealous seems to be a psychopath ecstatic with destruction, particularly that of the non-chosen peoples who are all but one.

In any case it is clear that the expansion of the West is one and the same thing with its loss of internal cohesion, something that every empire is called upon to verify; the United States is just but the latest instance of a process repeated time and again. However, what is characteristic of Western empires is the much more intimate symbiosis or connivance of two different interests in the direction of power, something only mitigated to the extent that the more autochthonous and unthinking part ends up accepting the initiative from the more farsighted one. Needless to recall that Jupiter and Saturn represent the domain of space and time.


This intimate «symbiosis» was only possible thanks to Christianity and its acceptance of the Old Testament as a sacred book. No doubt a certain degree of knowledge can be attained regardless of one’s religion, but not everything is knowledge in man. Nor is it my intention here to attack any faith, since they are already too much assaulted and offended both by the ambient stupidity of the media and by their targeted campaigns. If religions are so harassed, there must be something good in them, one immediately thinks; for there is no religion more petty or narrow than that of believing that everything is social.

However, this cannot prevent us from seeing the disastrous role that Christianity has played as a Trojan horse against the integrity of human nature and as a moralizing infection; Guyenot is not wrong when he calls it a «holy hook». There can be no greater conquest or more profound colonization than for one to strive to place an anomaly at the center of one’s being; from that moment on, one can well say that one’s fate is sealed.

It is of no use that in recent centuries people have lost their faith, for since then they have become even more vulnerable to propaganda and bland moralism: to the new secular religions of Marxism, holocaustism and warmism, the first two being Jewish to the core and the third simply Phoenician. If one has doubts about global warming or the gas chambers, one automatically becomes a «denier»; and these undesirables have now been joined by a third group, those who have serious doubts about the present epidemic and its origin.

But in view of the kind of people who use the term, being considered a «denier» is as close to a compliment as can be expected. For it is the kind of disqualification invariably wielded by cowards who rely only on the number and strength of the current of opinion, not on argument or reflection. Just as cowardly and false is the use of the term «anti-Semitic»: it is extraordinary that no one speaks of the existence of a «Semitic race» and yet «anti-Semitism» is continually spoken of as a form of racism.

Evidently, those described as «anti-Semites» do not seem to have anything in particular against the speakers of Semitic languages, who number more than 330 million, mostly Arabic, including the Palestinians. Why then Steinschneider’s term has become so popular, not only among Jews, but also among the public in general? Why they never say anti-Jewish, which would be the simple and appropriate term? The only possible reason is that they seek to avoid the term «Jewish» and its derivations to be permanently on the lips of those who maintain controversies.

Since «anti-Semitism» is a foolish, false and coward term —which is now heard and read even in the discourses of the far right— the only thing to do is to call things by their name and not to fall into the conditioning of the masters of discourse. The same can be said about the infamous gas chambers. How is it possible that in all the memoirs of Eisenhower, Churchill and De Gaulle, which fill more than 7,000 pages and were published between 1948 and 1959, there is not a single mention of that chambers?

We will not dwell on topics that have already been covered in detail by some of the authors cited. It is clear that we have witnessed the creation of a new religion to condition the memory of the masses and lobotomize entire peoples such as the Germans. But when we see the biggest political scoundrels in every corner of the planet reminding us that it is «International Holocaust Remembrance Day», we know what to expect.

Figures in the Sky

According to Wolfram von Eschenbach, Kyot said that Flegetanis had found the mysteries of the Grail written in the stars. Undoubtedly more than one secret could be read in the figures and configurations of the sky today, for both above and below demand serious adjustments, in these times as in any other, but each one in its own way.

The extreme slope of the inverted pyramid of wealth, that diaphanous mathematical structure that economists and sociologists ignore so well, can only be maintained on condition of dividing the population equally to extreme degrees. To divide, poison, neutralize, domesticate and castrate it as far as possible, with all the resources of control, the media and science at its service.

This extreme concentration has two basic aspects: dynamics and structure, which also correspond to the respective functions of Jupiter and Saturn. As dynamics, today it translates above all into the regulation of the monetary flow; as structure, it is the same self-similar distribution exhibited by the power law of the Pareto distribution, which entails from top to bottom a whole socio-economic chain of servitudes and favors whose functioning we shall seek in vain among the so-called experts. Of course the dynamics, usurped by private banks for centuries, is overwhelmingly at the service of the maintenance of this structure, with its enormous dead weight projected from above. It is self-evident that the so-called «dynamism of capital» is becoming less and less dynamic, for all apparent movement, and in particular the permanent «technological revolution», is also increasingly at the service of the control of the social apparatus.

Saturn dominates the heights but also has with it the fear of fall, which creates a paranoia proportional to the rate of the slope. In the zodiac the heights are represented by Capricorn, gate of the winter, domicile of Saturn, detriment of the Moon, exaltation of Mars and fall of Jupiter: the constellation of power par excellence. Of the managed power, it is understood.

The greatest vulnerability of capital is its own concentration: it would be enough for the names behind the three or four biggest fortunes to be made public, and for them to be subjected to the same surveillance to which the bulk of the population is now subjected, for the balance of power to change decisively. Everything these people have is due to concealment and lies, and they cannot survive without them; they resemble so much to vampires that would vanish into thin air with the first light. However, lots of people work for this to not happen.

Their chronic dependence on lies at all levels intoxicates the entire society, permanently inoculated with the most varied poisons. Propaganda and psyops saturates nearly every message delivered. It is impossible to recover health without putting an end to this chronic intoxication, and the only conceivable way is to dismantle the leadership as with any criminal gang.


There is a fabulous being that combines the characteristics of Saturn, Jupiter and even Mars: the Dragon, especially in its Chinese version. China is today the only great threat to the Anglo-Zionist Phoenician hegemony, and the attempts to infiltrate it and reduce it to vassalage have failed miserably. So far, there has not been a single transfer of hegemony without those great tectonic adjustments that we usually call wars. But how far will Phoenicia be willing to take the hostilities?

It will depend on geopolitical lineaments, although soft and not-so-soft hybrid warfare is already in full swing. The United Kingdom left the European Union, but it does not break with Atlanticism, the instrument of American military domination. The United States will not allow good relations between Russia and Germany, and the German government is compelled to repeat its secular mistakes. The Anglo-Saxons always pitted Germans against Russia to divide and conquer, and by now they should have learned something.

It is proven that the bankers of the United States and England intensively financed Hitler, to the point of owning a good part of German industry. Germany never intended to make war on the Anglo-Saxons, but Phoenicia had no doubt about what they were doing. Can anyone be surprised at the final result?

London was a Trojan horse for the Union and even outside it, it continues to be its enemy, now with more freedom of maneuver. Indeed, the mercurial capital of England is still irreplaceable in the Phoenician schemes, for it is not only the historical center of the spider’s web, but also the refuge of last resort. But surely, while the United States is trying to separate Europe from Russia and China against its interests, England stands to benefit from it.

To say that the London financial sector wanted to remain in the Union but that the popular will chose to leave is nothing but a joke. There is hardly anything relevant in England that has not passed directly through the Square Mile for over three hundred years; but by claiming otherwise, they can still blame the public for the consequences. Despite intense competition, London is still in fine form as the capital of hypocrisy in the world.

The United States is collapsing miserably, and if its vassals follow it, it is because they have no room for maneuver. If China is a threat, it is above all to the status of the most privileged, who seem to have much to lose. Most people could not be more sold. Only that class interests seem to be far above national interests.

Male, female and neutral

Let’s leave the cheap politics and current affairs to touch at least some deeper questions. If we consider the internal dynamics of the West, with its two poles in Athens and Jerusalem, Jupiter and Saturn, expansion and contraction, a good question is who has played a male role and who a female role in this intense relationship.

And the first answer should leave no room for doubt: it is the Jewish culture that has played a masculine role, impregnating the gentile culture, once the pagan culture was destroyed. In other words, the West, beyond its expansive front, is feminine and reactive with respect to the ferment that swells and drives it. Undoubtedly the essence of this complexion is due to the implantation of Christianity among young and uncivilized peoples.

The lowest reading attributes the animosity of Christians against the Jews to their guilt for the death of Jesus Christ, Judas and all the rest. No need to consider such arguments, more typical of folklore than anything else, and that do not even contemplate the other side of the animosity. But I believe that, at a much deeper level, what younger nations have always tried to rebel against is the impregnation of a foreign body, against that unwanted pregnancy that can lead to the extremes of madness.

I am not writing to be politically correct, but as part of a West that is trying to reach a higher degree of self-consciousness. A word as false as «anti-Semitism» is not even designed to stop the blows against the Jews, but above all against their ruling caste and the Phoenicians. Moreover, it is these Phoenicians who are the first to have betrayed the less favored Jews when they saw fit, just as they then tried to make up for it to silence their conscience the only way they know. At least this is what can be deduced from the most recent times and the last great wars.

The infinite but not free stupidity of the media still wonders about the causes behind «the rise of anti-Semitism», but only to someone who does not follow these media could it seem mysterious. For, apart from the fact that all that trash already make hateful enough everything they try to sell, it is also not at all mysterious that a number of things are detested by themselves, such as systematic lying, usury, control of speech, direct and indirect inoculation of guilt, and, to top it all, even the attempt to control hatred itself. Just as it is particularly odious to have to admit that one has been duped.

These people really have no sense of measure, nor do they know what the word «counterproductive» means. Surely the average Jew is incapable of being innocent with respect to the non-Jews, but in their self-interest there is still a huge dose of naivety that never ceases to amaze. Someone might call it their «blind spot,» and it is well known that no one breathes without having one. But as for the Phoenicians who resulted from the mixture, I doubt that there remains in them the slightest trace wether of innocence or of naivety.

If modern «criticism» today so often tries to minimize and relativize the importance of race, gender, or religion, one can be sure that it is not by chance or ignorance, but by mere strategy in the current wars of opinion. If I have chosen here another key completely unrelated to the ones they use, it is not because I do not believe that the others are unimportant —apart from the fact that within such conditioning factors we would have to include things that are no longer even contemplated, since race is not just a question of «genetics», for example.

In any case, for the avoidance of doubt, I will say that astrological matters are not reduced to a lax question of psychology, whether superficial or profound, and that it truly shows a chronological correspondence with the facts of history and the passions and inclinations of men, and even with his motives and plots. As an example, I propose to study the expulsions and persecutions of Jews, whose number composes a «statistical base» of a few hundred of perfectly dated events, in the light of the keys here just pointed.

Let us now return to the gender of certain influences or tropisms, such as that of Jupiter and Saturn. We have ventured that the Jewish spirit, its intelligence, would have played an active role with respect to some passive souls —with respect to that double male-female background of will and desire. This itself suggests that the matter is much more complicated than what a few words can cover and would take a separate study, but here we will only point to something essential.

In reality, the utilitarian intelligence is also a reactive intelligence and therefore secondary; it is the restless spirit at the service of the life that flees, not that spirit that does not need movement to gather the aspirations of life. Between the two there is as much difference as between Earth and Heaven. On a different plane, one may ask in what sense the contraction of Saturn and the expansion of Jupiter are feminine and masculine, and in what sense they act the opposite way.

This is a recurring theme that we already touched upon in a book dedicated to the Pole, recalling that the Chinese and Japanese often gave an opposite meaning to the terms yin and yang in terms of contraction and expansion as well as full and empty. Such discussions of qualities may seem specious and interminable, but in reality they only call for a clarification of the context, since they can be used in clearly different domains.

Thus, as we have already noted repeatedly, Jupiter and Saturn represent expansion and contraction but do so in the completely different domains of space and time. Otherwise it is clear that Jupiter is material plethora seeking expansion, while Saturn is amplitude of space as depleted matter. We have here already three different categories, space, time and matter. In physics and mathematics there are well-known ways of treating dualities in such terms, although we will not dwell on them now.

We will instead give a key more in line with the spirit of this article, which concerns the fundamental tone of each planet. The septenary or week contains, in consonance with the seven traditional metals and their chromatic shades, three masculine, three feminine and one neutral planet. The masculine are, in ascending order of purity, Mars (iron), Venus (copper) and Sun (gold); while the feminine are, in identical order, Saturn (lead), Jupiter (tin) and Moon (silver). Another arrangement has on the male side Jupiter, Mars, and Sun, and on the female side Saturn, Venus, and Moon.

The most relevant of either of these two arrangements is the mediating role it gives to Mercury as a neutral planet and axis of symmetry that connects the others. Let us say that Mercury, which also represents movement and intellect, holds the secret of the transition between the masculine and feminine of the planetary potencies, as well as their reversibility.

Worldly, external aspects of Mercury are money, commerce and the media —the great modulators of everyday life. Of course, the fact that today we talk much more about the media than about communication itself already reveals how far the instrumentalization of the most ordinary acts goes. Another less ostensible but ubiquitous mercurial issue, and always in close contact with the media, is the intelligence services.

It is entirely within the normal order of things that Mercury, as modulator par excellence, is the most unnoticed of the planets; just as nothing is less noticed by the intelligence than its own nature. Both determine and are continually determined, but we are unable to follow the line which describes their true neutrality, and no doubt it is only in that sense that Mercury could be seen as the ageless spirit of wisdom.

The Egyptian Thoth, numen of writing, was a lunar god; latter writing became with the Greeks a mercurial phenomenon, and today we are about to make it an attribute of Uranus, patron of the electronic age and «superior octave of Mercury» according to some, who, however, we already know was castrated by Saturn; and the fact is that for things to acquire their proper form some like to cut out a good deal of possibilities. However, the wise, the neutral mercury, knows the route to the solar Word, and nothing but unconsciousness can obstruct its passage: there is a supravirile power in the herald of the Sun .