Most have heard of the 80/20 power law or Pareto principle that governs the distribution of wealth in the world: one-fifth of the population has four-fifths of the assets, but in turn one-fifth of that one-fifth owns 4/5 of the 4/5 (4% has 64%), and so on.

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Effects of climate change? We are the effect, or at least one of them. But we are not talking about the «greenhouse effect» or other concoctions forged and stirred up by the media. Instead we will talk about pole reversal in the solar system, in our planet, and even in our non-society; and most important of all, about reorientation with respect to the Principle.

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A different point of view

For once we are going to look for an extra-human and extra-social reference for some issues of our species, namely the so-called «Jewish question» and its relationship with other peoples, and in particular with the great empires. Appealing to a metahistorical element does not mean, of course, that we can dispense with interpretations that will always be highly subjective and human. In any case, I find it more than convenient to take a different angle for this poisoned subject.

Ancient cosmographies were much less complex than the present ones with their vast array of knowledge, but also less reductive. The seven «climates» under which peoples lived throughout the geography also had different influences and were under different poles of spiritual ascendancy; those climates and poles could be represented, in addition, by the seven planets, without the need to be confused with them: «the angel moves the star», it was said to allude to the remote potencies.


Art and theory of reversibility

According to the World Economic Forum that annually meets in Davos, «nothing ever will be the same» after the coronavirus. The Great Reset awaits us this impending 2021 and we only have to get on board.

How can we know when a change is definitive or merely occasional? How can we foresee if its consequences will be reversible or irreversible?

It is assumed that the miscalled «Spanish flu» of 1918-1919 was incomparably deadlier than this virus, and yet it vanished like a ghost in the memory of an entire generation which however could not forget the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles, or the crash of 29.

The great war and the crisis of the 1930s did have irreversible effects, which would lead to the world of 1945; but it is clear that the flu did not, and as soon as it stopped filling the news, it was little less than obliterated. Some say that the figures were inflated shamelessly to frighten the population and make them forget the terrible question of the responsibility of the conflict, which had met with the general opposition of the unions, and of any person able to evade the much more lethal war propaganda of the press.


Is globalization irreversible? Massive immigration from poor to rich countries? Emigration to the cities in most of the planet? The urban exodus in the United States? The split of this nation in two confronted societies? The flight from work? The «conquest» of rights that are often promoted and granted from above? The expropriation of techniques by technology that we call digitalization? Climate change? The hyper-concentration of capital? The corruption and decomposition of the social body? Civilization? Progress? Human domestication?

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