«O Antaryamin! Indweller of our hearts, friend of the poor, protector of the helpless, purifier of the fallen. Forgive us our sins. Have mercy on us. Show us the simple path, the real way to the supreme abode of peace».

After the war, Norbert Wiener refused to work with military or government funds and that is to his credit, but today any scientist justifies himself by thinking that if he does not commit someone else will do it in his place; the excuse is too easy although it has a lot of truth in it. In any case, to compensate in some way for the general degradation the sciences have reached, a degradation whose extremes the father of cybernetics could hardly foresee, and the deleterious effect they have on the most varied orders of existence, something more than depriving this or another sector of our increasingly dubious and interchangeable contributions is needed.

Since 2020 it is no longer possible to ignore that fraud in the sciences affects the whole system and is consciously directed from above; because we are no longer talking about the simple control and selection of discourse, but about the omnipresent falsification and concealment of data, adulteration of explanations, and criminal practices that directly undermine the integrity of life and human dignity. Whoever tries to survive in this environment may delude himself into thinking that such misconduct does not affect his specific area of work, but even if that were true, his mere complicit silence demeans him. Corruption is not just a means, but an end in itself, the triumph for those who seek the destruction of any standard. Most are incapable of understanding the consequences of this destructive logic even if they are right in front of their eyes.

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